We are here for you!
We are here for you!

Are you planning your visit to Saint Petersburg yourself as you are not fond of travelling in a group?

Would you like not only to see beautiful facades and golden domes
but also to learn what is hidden behind them – life, history, destinies…
Would you prefer a bespoke cultural program customized in accordance with your wishes.
Then we are looking forward to hearing you!

Dobro poschalowat - welcome to the city of legends, mysteries and contradictions,
to the city with such a puzzling Cyrillic Alphabet!

Types of St.Petersburg tours offered
Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) and Pavlovskfrom 34€ p. P.
Tsarskoye Selo is a Romanov’former summer residence. There is a popular Amber Room in the Catherine Palace.
Cultural shock: Hermitage and a boat trip from 15€ p. P.
There are more than 3 million art masterpieces of different periods exhibited in chambers of Winter Palace, Small, Old and New Hermitage…
St. Isaac's Cathedralfrom 15€ p. P.
This monumental Temple is the 4th largest cathedral in Europe. Here architecture and pictorial art, sculpture and mosaic art are merged together.
Peterhof and dacha – two summer residences from 34€ p. P.
Quicker from noisy Petersburg to “Russian Versailles” to the seashore! Fairytale castles, park fountains, endless alleys - here you can enjoy yourself and spend all the night. Later the dinner at dacha is waiting for you!
A walk along Nevsky Avenuefrom 15€ p. P.
It is impossible to imagine our city without this street.
Classic sightseeing tourfrom 24€ p. P.
St.Petersburg of 18 th–19th centuries with it's multiform architecture is in front of us: palaces of noblemen and apartment houses, colorful romantic bridges and gilded fences, semicircular majestic squares and austere granite embankments.
Dostoevsky’s Petersburgfrom 15€ p. P.
A walking tour through the city' areas that are connected with Dostoevsky's life and work.
Russian Museum from 15€ p. P.
If you want to track the Russian art evolution, we recommend you to go to the Russian Museum – which presents one of the richest collections of art masterpieces in Russia.
A walk amongst famous templesfrom 15€ p. P.
The tour starts by the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood... And finally we will explore St.Isaac's Cathedral.
Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Bloodfrom 15€ p. P.
This Russian style in a due times church has provoked a great criticism, as it does not fit the classic image of St. Petersburg.
Here you can order individual tours.
Here you can order individual tours.
Guest Service
We offer you comfortable flats/studios in the city which fully complies European standard.
May - September
October - April
€ 80 – 130 per apartment
€ 70 – 120 per apartment
30-60 m² living space
2-4 beds
Washing machine
Iron / ironing bread
N.B.! There are more tourists than local people in the streets of Petersburg in summer :)
Our advice: book an apartment in advance.
Retun way from Pulkovo airport/railway station to the hotel/apartment
Passenger car
Minibus (minivan)
€ 50
€ 80
Evening Program
Russian sauna (Banya)
“Mens sana in corpore sano” (A sound mind in a sound body) – Roman people knew what they were talking about. It is favorite free time ritual of all Russians. Not a tourist place!
Ballet&Operaab 30€ p. P.
To watch a bedtime story? - Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Cinderella dreams ... Mariinsky and other theaters of St. Petersburg promise these dream evenings.
Folk showab 30€ p. P.
The folkl show “Feel Yourself Russian” of professional dancers and singers in the elegant Nikolaevskiy Palace.
Here you can order individual tours.
Here you can order individual tours.
Admission prices are not included
Amount of persons 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
8 hours Car tour € 100 € 70 € 50 € 40 € 30
4 hours Car tour € 60 € 40 € 35 € 30 € 25
4 houers Walk tour € 35 € 30 € 25 € 20 € 15
Food & drinks

In the past 10 years in St. Petersburg have appeared many new restaurants and cafes at all tastes. You can find Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Georgian cuisine restaurants almost everywhere. But when you come to another country, it is always better to try traditional food. Russian cuisine is distinctive, ancient and versatile.


Books in English and other languages can be bought in historic Singer House. Here you can find many beautiful cards, calendars and other gizmos as keepsakes of your trip to St.Petersburg.

Holidays & Festivals

9 May: Victory Day in the World War II is a saint day for every Russian. This holiday is the most favorite after the New Year’s Day. There are no Russian families which were not touched by the war. Together with veterans marching along Nevsky Prospect "Immortal regiment" - adults and children carry pictures of their dead relatives. Despite the change of generations, no one is forgotten.



About us
We are a small team of professional guides with many years experience in tourism. All of us were born in this city on the Neva river and studied English and history at St. Petersburg State University.

We are glad to answer any questions, whether it is accommodation, cultural program, or any other and we are always happy to hear from you. Say to us Hello :)
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